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Minimum purchase for your first order is 10 units, but if you need more later there's no minimum order on re-prints.

Need more than one logo on your tops?? Charges for extra embroidery and printing are listed as separate items at the bottom of this page. You can add these to your shopping cart as needed and we will contact you to confirm the placement, colours, etc before we begin making your items.

Loan samples for sizing purposes are available for customers making large orders. Simply contact us via phone or email to arrange the samples you need.

NO SET-UP FEES. There's nothing worse than being hit with a bill for set-up fees after you've budgeted for your uniforms. That's why we don't charge set-up fees. Instead we make a small allowance in every item we make to cover embroidery and printing set-up costs. It may make our decoration prices $1-$2 higher than normal but in the end it works out cheaper and easier for our customers.

When your order is completed remember to send us an email ( with your logos and clear instructions on where any additional logos should be placed.

Orders over 30 get a 10% discount. If you order more than 50, ring us for special price.

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