Mizuno Wave Exceed AC - Mens
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Product Description:
The Mizuno Wave Exceed AC Court Shoe offers excellent performance and speed. These shoes are ideal for tennis, badminton, volleyball or any other court sport. Breathable construction highly permeate the air inside the shoe to leave your feet always cool and dry for all day long.

The Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour AC Tennis Shoes features many technologies to provide the best comfort for your feet during your intensive workout. The upper is designed with breathable and lightweight material. Featuring 3D Solid that delivers the softness, durability and high level of air ventilation.

A lightweight construction of the midsole features AP+ technology offering the high level of quality cushioning and comfort. Inspired by the nature the Mizuno Wave is the best sole technology. It absorbs the shock impact providing the great balance between the cushioning and stability.

The outsole benefit with X10 technology. X10 is a rubber carbon that allows for longer wear and provide greater traction at the heel strike.

-3D Solid - For greater breathability, softness and durability.
-Mizuno Wave - A parallel fan wave under the foot spreads out shock impact for additional comfort.
-AP+ - Provide more dynamism, cushioning and comfort.
-Premium Insock - For better comfort and cushioning.
-X10 - Delivers exceptional traction.
-Weight - 380g

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